Mobile test




[q] To what structure in this eukaryote cell is the number 2 pointing?

[c*] The cytoplasm

[c] The membrane

[c] The nucleus

[c] A ribosome

[f] Excellent!  The cytoplasm is the watery main body of the cell.

[f] No, the membrane is the outside surface of the cell.

[f] No, the nucleus – a fairly large, round body near the center of eukaryote cells – holds genetic information.

[f] No, ribosomes use messenger RNA to create proteins.

[q] Mitosis

[l] Centrosome

[fx] No. The centrosome is the “microtubule organizing center” for the spindle fibers

[f*] Good!

[l] Chromosome

[fx] No. The chromosome is two strands of DNA held together at their centers by the “centromere”

[f*] Correct!

[l] Nuclear membrane

[fx] No. The nuclear membrane disappears during cell division

[f*] Good!

[l] Spindle fibers

[fx] No. The spindle fibers pull the chromosomes to each side of the dividing cell

[f*] Very good!

[x] [restart]